March 2007
young woman smiling

Aaliyah is a beautiful 15-year-old girl, who has a friendly, outgoing personality. Most people who meet Aaliyah have expressed that she will be successful in whatever career she chooses to pursue. She loves to dream about what she wants to do in the future, which she has expressed wanting to go to college someday and possibly majoring in Business. Aaliyah is also a very thoughtful teen, she is very good at acknowledging close friends and families birthdays and does little things to make them feel loved. Aaliyah is also very good at multi-tasking; she has a record of doing well in school, enjoys spending time with friends, and still have time to work a part time job.

Aaliyah often talks about wanting to eventually be independent one day and travel to places she has never been. She is a teen who usually has a good sense of humor and is willing to accept guidance from a genuine person who is willing to be patient. She also values her family and has expressed wanting to maintain contact with siblings and foster parent. Aaliyah has overcome many obstacles in her life, and she is ready to be a part of a loving and supportive family!

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Selina Agee, Kirstin Dibbern
Telephone: 216-881-5523, 216-881-4046