Aareon, Gabriel, and Castiel

September 2011, October 2012, May 2014
group of brothers smiling

Meet this handsome trio! Aareon, Gabriel, and Castiel are very close and protectors of one another. These boys would really like to remain together as a sibling group.

Aareon, the oldest of the three is currently in 5th grade and an honor student. He is a great communicator of his needs and wants. Aareon is a protector of siblings. He enjoys drawing, sports and spending time with family.

Gabriel, the second oldest of the three is in the 4th grade. He also communicates well. Gabriel enjoys video games, sports and spending time with his siblings.

Castiel, the youngest of the bunch is in the 3rd grade. Child communicates well. Castiel enjoys sports and spending time with his siblings.

This sibling group needs a forever family where they can grow up together and thrive. They expressed that their ideal family would have a mom and a dad. A family who will allow them to maintain contact with their sisters would also be important. Aareon, Gabriel, and Castiel need a family who is patient, nurturing, and able to provide them with unconditional love, support, and commitment on a lifelong basis. Could this be you?

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Dinita Williams, Rosalind Hampton
Telephone: 216-391-6152, 216-881-4081