November 2005
child standing and smiling

Antoine loves playing basketball and has dreams of being in the NBA. He also knows he needs a backup plan. This creative young man taught himself how to make friendship bracelets with some random string/thread. He has perfected his style and is ready to go into business.

Antoine is not afraid to be himself and like what he likes. His favorite color is pink and likes to color/draw. He has a great sense of humor and style and can adapt to almost any setting (playing video games, board games, outdoor games, watching movies, and family time).

Antoine is caring and sensitive and he is looking for a family where he can be happy, be himself and explore the options for his future as an entrepreneur or a basketball star.

Welcome this young man into your family and life will never be boring.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: David Torres, Aliyah Reese
Telephone: 216-881-4545, 216-881-4697