Arion and Alijah

June 2008 and June 2008
Alijah and Arion Holland

Arion and Alijah are twin brothers who are very bonded to one another. They are best friends and enjoy hanging out together, but they also respect each other’s space and have their own personalities.

Arion is more reserved and is very observant of people. He does not talk much, but when he does, he makes sure he’s heard. He has a passion for art and enjoys woodwork as well. He loves to ride bikes and participate in activities in the community. He spends time at the local skating rink. Arion is building his confidence and exploring different activities that he enjoys.

Alijah is more outspoken of the brothers. While observant, he has a vibrant personality. He is a leader and enjoys art. He also enjoys riding bikes and skating. Alijah loves to be outdoors and enjoys participating in activities with his friends. Alijah too is working on building his confidence and working on being a well-rounded individual.

Both Arion and Alijah would benefit from a home where there is a male role model. They do need a home where structure is a priority, but where they will have room to respectfully express themselves. Arion and Alijah desire to remain together and look forward to having a forever family.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Danielle Bailey, Kirstin Dibbern
Telephone: (216) 881-4448, (216) 881-4046
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