Bailey and Isabella

May 2007 and January 2010
two sisters standing and smiling

Bailey and Isabella are ambitious and fun-loving teenagers with hearts full of hope. They are close and love one another very much, but also enjoy their own interests. They look forward to being with each other and having a family who will support their dreams and passions. Both girls enjoy spending time watching videos and hanging out with friends. And they enjoy chatting with friends on electronic devices.

Bailey is the oldest and she tries to look out and protect her younger sister, Isabella. Bailey and Isabella are bold and adventurous — Bailey loves to chat with others. More reserved Isabella takes a little time to open up. Bailey and Isabella need of a family who can provide them each with one-on-one attention and support their interests.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Ratanya Croom, Linda Newsome
Telephone: 216-881-3074, 216-881-2498