August 2005
young man standing and smiling

Brandon is a very intelligent and insightful high school student. Brandon enjoys learning and performs well academically. He is very knowledgeable about computers and technology. Brandon has aspirations of attending college and learning the skills required to become a video game developer.

Brandon is a friendly and polite young man. He has a good sense of humor and enjoys spending time with friends. Brandon take pleasure in being helpful and is always willing to offer support to others. Brandon enjoys sports, specifically playing basketball. Brandon also enjoys nature and loves participating in outdoor activities.

Brandon values family and it is important to him to remain connected with his relatives. Brandon needs a loving, patient, stable and supportive home with a lot of structure and that can help him learn skills to become a successful adult. Are you the family for him?

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Danielle Jordan, Vickie Porter
Telephone: 216-561-5465, 216-881-5328