July 2008
Derron Chisholm

Meet Derron! He is a very quiet and polite young man. He enjoys music and learning to play the guitar. He also likes video games, going to the arcade, track, basketball, football, dancing, and art. He loves school and does well in his studies. Derron looks forward to running track and playing football this year at school. Derron is a very bright and likable young man and is easy to get along with.

This young man is in need of a family who is patient, kind and understanding. A family that can provide him with unconditional love on a lifelong basis. He would do best with a family who will allow him to maintain contact with his siblings. Could that be you?

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Gohnnie Jackson WOR, Alyiah Reese
Telephone: 216-881-3073, 216-881-4697