April 2005
young woman standing and smiling

De’Nyjah is a beautiful teenager that loves to read and is full of dreams. For instance, she wants to pursue becoming an actress one day! She is usually mild mannered and often smiles at everyone who crosses her path. De’Nyjah is a fun-loving teen who loves to spend time with others, watch tv, and listen to music. She has some struggles with her behaviors at times and communicating effectively with others. However, she continues to make improvements with social functioning and would likely overcome these struggles with guidance and structure.

She also values family and has expressed wanting to maintain contact with siblings and foster parent. De’Nyjah has overcome many obstacles in her life, and she is ready to be a part of a loving and supportive family!

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Selina Agee, Norreen Thomas
Telephone: 216-881-5523, 216-881-4662