September 2012
young man standing and smiling

Meet Dominic! Dominic is a sweetheart who is full of energy and is looking for his forever family. Dominic loves playing with toy cars and playing basketball and football. He will make a great addition to the right adoptive family. Dominic really appreciates one on one time with not only his future adoptive parents, but teachers, mentors and friends. Dominic is very kind, empathetic and protective of his loved ones.

Dominic is active and enjoys being outside and breathing in fresh air. He loves to explore and has a very curious personality. Dominic enjoys toy cars, playing games on the phone or tablet and playing with a slinky. Dominic loves horses and one day wishes to ride one. Dominic also takes pride in having a fresh haircut and maintains his “waves”. A family who enjoys movie and game nights would be a great fit for Dominic.

Dominic will do well in a family who is very patient, kind and will allow him to be able to express himself. Dominic loves to be held and enjoys laughing and displaying his smile. Dominic is wise beyond his years and has a strong desire to be loved and have a sense of belonging. Dominic will do best in a family where he is the only or youngest child.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Lee Barbee, Linda Newsom
Telephone: 216-881-5711, 216-881-2498