January 2008
young man smiling

I am very active and outgoing young man. I like playing outside with my friends and playing sports throughout the year. My favorite outside activities and sports are football, swimming, bowling, bike riding, and jumping on a trampoline. When I am not outside, I enjoy board games and video games. I do challenge myself by trying new things, such as trivia or bowling with a heavier ball.

I am great at academics as well. My teacher considers me a helper around the classroom. I enjoy all subjects in school. Gym is my favorite since I get a chance to play with my peers and stay active. I know my academics will take me far in life. I inspire to go to college and become something great. I know I have a promising future.

It would be amazing to have a forever family to support me throughout my life. Being able share in family events would be awesome. To be able to look in the crowd and see my own family supporting and cheering me on would be a lifelong dream come true.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Joyce Butler, Lisa Baker
Telephone: 216-881-4453, 216-881-4703