July 2005
young woman standing and smiling Ja’Shyra is a very intelligent, easygoing, and loveable young lady. She has an introverted personality and initially appears to be shy. However, she truly enjoys laughing and spending quality time with family and friends. Ja’Shyra values family and it is important to her to remain connected with her relatives. Ja’Shyra is a very active teen who loves to play basketball, volleyball, and dance. She especially likes to show off her dance moves on fun apps like Tik Tok.

Like any teen her age, Ja’Shyra desires to gain her independence and earn her own money. She was recently able to accomplish this goal through a part-time job at a local business in her community. Although, she is not certain of her future career goals, Ja’Shyra aspires to attend college after high school.

Ja’Shyra has a beautiful heart and needs a family who can understand her needs and can provide her with the encouragement, love, and care that every child deserves. Are you the right fit for this young lady?
Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Gohnnie Jackson, Rosalind Hampton
Telephone: 216-881-3073, 216-881-4081