September 2009
young woman standing and smiling

“My name is Karma and my goals for the future are to become a Nurse or Chiropractor. I am outgoing and very goal oriented. Once I set my mind to do something I do my best to do it. I also sing in the school choir.”

“I enjoy dancing. I know all the latest dances and I love to teach them to others. I also like to perform. “One day I would like to perform on a professional dance team.”

“I have a relationship with my uncle and would like to remain in contact with him and with my siblings. I am looking for a forever family, who can help me gain the skills I need to become a successful adult.”

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Stacey Jackson, Laura Fonseca
Telephone: 216-881- 3551, 216-881-3565