La’Jara, Chrystina, and Michelle

December 2007, January 2011, AND January 2012
porter sibs Hello, my name is La-Jara, and I am super excited to be in high school because I can finally pursue my passion, ACTING! One of my lifetime desires is to become a Broadway or television/movie actor. I will be signing up for every elective that involves drama and might even join the drama club. I am eager to learn the fundamentals of acting and look forward to meeting new and creative people. Don’t worry though, I still get good grades in my other subjects in school.

My name is Chrystina, and I LOVE creative writing! I complete all my writing assignments with high marks, and it is no surprise that my favorite subject in school is English. The stories I write are happy stories about friendship and the importance of making good friends. I LOVE Legos and I can play with them for hours and hours.

My name is Michelle, and I LOVE school and complete all my assignments with high marks. I have no favorite subject, however; sometimes math can really, really, get on my nerves. I really, really, really love the entire Barbie collection. When I play with my Barbies, my imagination runs wild, and I have hours and hours of fun.

We would like a family of our own as long as they will let us continue to have contact with our two other sisters.
Agency: Cuyahoga County Department of Children & Family Services
Contact: Joyce Butler, Shannon Carleton
Telephone: 216-881-4453, 216-881-2829