March 2008
young woman sitting and smiling

Lasharel is a fourteen-year-old female. She is funny. Her strengths are being helpful and being strong willed. Her hobbies are cheerleading, working out, watching Anima (shows and movies). She doesn’t particularly like school, but she achieves passing grades. She cares about animals; feels they are important, and she has a strong interest in them. Her friends are also important to her. She is also interested in getting a higher education so she can pursue a future in a field she is yet to determine. She expresses how something must be funny to her to make her laugh for example: jokes or situations. Her dream day is breakfast in bed, then going to the mall and going shopping with her friends, then going to the park, then taking pictures in front of the sunset. She expresses how winning things makes her proud. She picks up trash, helps younger kids in school walk to class and she has also helped out on field trip for younger kids. She speaks English, a little Spanish, she knows some sign language alphabet/words and very little Japanese. She wants to make a lot of money; get an exotic animal license and she wants to get a monkey. She likes new trends, dances, being with friends and relatives. She doesn’t have any siblings. She wants to have people around that she would love and care for.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Cynthia Malcolm, Aliyah Reese
Telephone: 216-881-4971, 216-881-4697