October 2010
young man smiling outside My name is Michael, but I prefer to be called Mike or Mikey. I am in elementary school and plan to finish high school and continue my studies at a local college. I love to re-tell the story line of my favorite TV shows to anyone who will listen and hope to one day work as a news anchor. I have varied interests, including art, history, and creative writing.

I love reading and re-reading my favorite books. I love animals and hope to one day have a pet of my own. I love to give hugs and laugh.

I would like to continue to have contact with my sister and I am looking for a family who can help me gain the skills I need to become a successful adult.
Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Eucharia Eweroke, Kirstin Dibbern
Telephone: 216-635-3839, 216-881-4046