Sean and Cameron

October 2008 and October 2010
two brothers standing and smiling

Sean and Cameron have smiles that are contagious and light up the room! Their smiles shine when they’re doing things that they enjoy and spending time with one another. Sean and Cameron take pleasure in going to the Barbershop to get a fresh cut. They also share a special interest and have an abundant amount of knowledge about cars. Earning a trip to the dealership, is a delightful accomplishment and treat for the both of them! Sean and Cameron also enjoy being on their tablet and watching tv, as well as setting time aside to unwind and spend time reading.

Although Sean and Cameron are currently in separate homes, they always seem to find a way to pick up where they left off when visiting with one another. They look forward to being reunited in their forever family and home. Sean and Cameron have a close relationship with their prior legal custodian, and the boys hope their adoptive family will support a continued relationship. Sean also shared with his caseworker that he is looking for a family that likes to travel!

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Tiffany Mahoney, Catrice Sims
Telephone: 216-391-7416, 216-881-4991