Shamara and Hon’Nesty

December 2004 and May 2007
photos of two sisters

My name is Hon’Nesty and I am in junior high school with hopes of attending a local performing arts high school. My passions are acting and dancing. I hope to one day write and star in my own play. My favorite school subject is math because it allows me to be creative with problem solving. I also enjoy reading. My two favorite books are The Library Card and Wringer both written by Jerry Spinelli.

I love being around people especially kids my own age they make me laugh and we create silly dance and music videos.

My name is Shamara and I am in junior high school with hopes of one day going to school for Cosmetology. My passion is doing hair, I hope one day to own my own hair salon. My favorite school subject is science because it is mysterious, and I am a very curious person. I also enjoy playing basketball, running track, and my favorite two colors are gray and blue.

I love hanging with friends so we can create funny videos of us dancing and singing that also shows my hair designs.

We are in contact with our maternal grandmother and hope to stay connected with our birth mother and other family members. We are looking for a family who can support our passions for the Arts and Cosmetology as well as our desire to stay connected with family.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Ebony Wright, Vickie Porter
Telephone: 216-881-3170, 216-881-5328