February 2006
young woman sitting on steps and smiling Shannah is a fifteen-year-old female. She can be very goofy, happy and energetic. Shannah possesses various strengths including persistence, kindness and empathy. She enjoys listening to music, bowling, camping and going on vacation. She likes school and her favorite classes are Science and English. In the eighth grade she was chosen as student of the month. Her family is very important to her, also making it in the work and her personal belongings, including her Life Book. She enjoys spending time watching You Tube, cat videos and comedy paranormal activity movies. Her idea of a dream day would be in nice weather going to the beach, taking a walk by herself or taking her dog for a walk to relax. She is proud when she gets something she has worked hard to accomplish. She’s been involved in extracurricular activities at her high school including bowling and track. Her primary language is English, but she had a short connection with Spanish in her previous school. She has ambition for the future and is considering becoming a Marine Biologist, own a special Pet Palace for dogs, or go into the Army to serve her country.

Shannah has an important family connection to her brothers. She has also resumed contact with her biological mother. Shannah wants a family to just be there for her if she has struggles, to be there not to judge her, to care for her so she doesn’t feel alone. In her future she wants a forever family, a career, husband, children, nice house and a dog.

A few quotes from Shannah: If you don’t put hard work into anything it won’t feel the same - Never take the easy way out and – Always strive for the best.
Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Kemberly Addie, Rosalind Hampton
Telephone: 216-391-7457, 216-881-4081