Foster Care Month

Strengthening Minds. Uplifting Families.

Foster mom and child sitting on couch

May is National Foster Care Month and this year’s theme is Strengthening Minds. Uplifting Families.

Cuyahoga County mirrors many other parts of the nation in our increased need for foster parents to care for children and teens who cannot remain safely in their own homes.

Cuyahoga County stats
2302 Children in Cuyahoga County Custody
1202 in Foster Care

Foster Care

There is still a very real need for foster and adoptive caregivers for many children who cannot be placed with a relative. Cuyahoga County offers training and continued support for new and existing foster parents. Visit our Foster and Adoptive Parent page for information on what it takes, training and support services.

If you or someone you know is interested, or just curious, about becoming a foster parent, please call our recruitment line at 216-881-5775.

For more information on National Foster Care Month visit National Foster Care Month - Child Welfare Information Gateway