Invest in Children Success Stories

We work with our lead agency partners to ensure the well-being of all young children and their families in Cuyahoga County through a continuum of targeted services prenatal to kindergarten. Here are a few of their stories.  

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Welcome Home -- Newborn Home Visiting Program

Invest in Children Lead Agency:  Cuyahoga County Board of Health


Home Visit Nurse Helps Mom Get Potentially Life-Saving Care

April, 2023 -- This past December, a Welcome Home RN contacted a new mom about scheduling an in-home visit. She had just had a C-section a couple of weeks prior and agreed, but asked if the visit could be done virtually.  She hadn’t had any complications during her pregnancy, and there had been no concern about, or history of, hypertension or preeclampsia.  During the virtual visit, Mom mentioned that she was having a persistent headache and swollen legs.  The nurse asked if she could come to the home and take her vital signs to make sure her blood pressure wasn’t elevated. Mom agreed and a visit was scheduled for later that day.

Upon assessment, Mom’s blood pressure was significantly elevated, and the nurse had her call her doctor while she remained with her.  However, despite the urgency of her condition, she couldn’t reach the doctor.  The nurse then had her call the labor and delivery unit at the hospital where she had delivered, and said she would stay with her until she got some clear medical direction. This step too, did not result in reaching anyone who could give direction, but together they were persistent and finally spoke with a nurse who advised her to come to the unit for evaluation later that day.

 After a quick exam at the hospital, Mom was admitted for two days and treated for a diagnosis of postpartum preeclampsia.  Her story emphasizes the importance of an assessment by a trained medical provider in the postpartum period.  Being able to assess the mom, identify symptoms of concern, stay with her, and encourage her to stick with it, prevented a potentially tragic outcome.


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