OHS Review and Ranking Committee

The Office of Homeless Services (OHS) is the lead agency for the Cuyahoga County Continuum of Care (CoC). The CoC is a geographic area covering Cuyahoga County recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as an entity for applying for competitive, homeless assistance grants to reduce and end homelessness.

A required function of a CoC is to implement a process to review, evaluate, score and rank HUD-funded projects based on the performance outcomes and alignment with HEARTH Act goals to:
  • Reduce the length of time that households experience homelessness.
  • Reduce returns to shelter.
  • Increase exits to permanent housing.

The Review and Ranking Committee is comprised of eight to 10 volunteer community stakeholders who do not have a conflict of interest related to the evaluation process.

The Review and Ranking Committee, with the support of the OHS staff:
  • Develops the outcome performance evaluation criteria and scoring matrix for HUD funded projects seeking renewal funding through the annual HUD Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) process.
  • Identifies additional criteria that the CoC values for program measurement like consumer satisfaction information.
  • Considers the scores relative to the populations served by each program.
  • Recommends projects for inclusion in the CoC collaborative application.
  • Establishes review criteria and evaluates proposals for new projects.
  • Develops a ranking order and rationale for all the projects included in the application.

The committee’s recommendations are submitted to the OHS Advisory Board for final approval.

Review and Ranking Committee Documents


Projects Accepted Notification - Cleveland/Cuyahoga FY 2019

Cleveland/Cuyahoga County CoC Rating and Review Procedure



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