April 2006
young woman taking a selfie

Meet Demara! Demara is a young woman who is determined and has a plan for her future. Demara has started her high school career and is already determined to become a detective. Demara states she feels she is good at solving mysteries and would make a great detective. Demara does extremely well in school and enjoys learning. Demara has been motivated to get a job and wants to be able to work so that she can save money for her future as well as have a little fun with her own hard-earned cash.

Demara enjoys social media and having fun with her friends. Demara is very social and enjoys out of the house activities. Demara enjoys getting her hair done and is ensured to be fashionable in all areas. Demara enjoys mall trips and movie nights. Demara has a tight bond with her Maternal Family and this is a connection that she does not wish to lose when she finds her forever family.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Kayla Schoonover, Rosalind Hampton
Telephone: 216-391-5901, 216-881-4081