July 2006
young woman smiling

Rya’Nae is a very outgoing youth who loves all things girly. She enjoys shopping at the mall and hanging with her friends. She enjoys getting her nails done and fashionably styling her hair. Rya’Nae has a special gift of doing hair and is able to do her own and others as well. In the future she dreams of having her own beauty salon where she does hair and makes people feel good about themselves.

Rya’Nae is very driven and would benefit from having daily structure. Rya’Nae longs to be a part of a loving family who will be there to support her and motivate her along her life journey. A two parent or single parent household would be appropriate, male or female.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Arielle Smith, Kirstin Dibbern
Telephone: 216-561-5454, 216-881-4046